International webinar 'Project Everyone'

Corona Project EveryoneProject Everyone helps fundraisers discovering ways to support their charity through COVID-19's impact.

This program offers five hours, two streams, and over twenty hours of curated sessions from the charity sector's global experts. 

Sessions Include: 
⦁ Assessing your charity's preparedness for COVID-19; opportunities and risks 
⦁ Setting up a response task force 
⦁ Working with your board to cope in a crisis 
⦁ Turning cancelled events into digital events 
⦁ Quickly diversifying income 
⦁ Applying strategic objectives in a crisis 
⦁ Wording with funders after cancelled projects 
⦁ Engaging with major donors in a crisis 
⦁ Becoming digital-focused 
⦁ Fundraising during COVID-19 with a non-digital demographic 
⦁ Creating digital campaigns 

Full program through this link.

Access to the off-line video's through this link.

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