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Legacy Strategy Summit (17/06/2021) & Fundraising Convention (27-29/09/2021)

FR - Les deux principaux rendez-vous nationaux des legacy fundraisers britanniques furent cette année encore proposées sous la forme de webinars en ligne. La session n°2 du cycle des Legacy marketing webinars du Fundraisrrs Forum vous proposera, ce jeudi 8 octobre, un résumé des témoignages les plus intéressants présentés dans le cadre des quinze présentations listées ci-dessous.
-> Legacy marketing webinar n°2 (Jeudi 07 oct.) - Campagne Testament.be / Legatenbarometer 2021 / Summary of recent UK legacy marketing webinars (lien)

NL - Uit de twee nationalewebinars voor Britse legacy fundraisers vils dit jaar nogmaals veel te leren.
Het Fundraisers Forum biedt u in het kader van onze eerstvolgende Legacy marketing webinar dan donderdag 7 october een samenvatting van de meest interessante getuigenissen uit deze vijftien presentaties.   
-> Legacy marketing webinar n°2 (Donderdag 07 oct.) - Campagne Testament.be / Legatenbarometer 2021 / Summary of recent UK legacy marketing webinars (link)

Legacy Strategy Summit (17/06/2021): program

  • A1. Case study: Putting the heart into a legacy strategy – A Masterclass in Careful & Sensitive Stewardship
    Azizah Aziz, Head of Legacy Development, The Stroke Association
  • A2. Panel: The post-pandemic legacy trends - a reality check
    Presentation by Mark Pincher, Data Analyst, Smee & Ford, followed by discussion and debate from Polly Avgherinos, Managing Director, Smee & Ford, Emma Anderson, Team Lead, Charity Account Management, Farewill
  • A3. Turning Philanthropists into High-Net-Worth Legacy Donors - Two Perspectives
    Shalni Sood (Director of Philanthropy, Royal Society for Blind Children) & Sarah Dalling (Senior Legacy Manager, Barnardos)
  • A4. Case study: Rediscovering your true legacy message
    James Ireland (Marketing Manager, RNLI) & Rory Stamp (Strategic Content Manager, RNLI)
  • A5. Using data to optimize your legacy strategy
    Derek Hill (Charity Strategy Lead, Farewill)
  • A6. Avoiding legacy disputes after the time of Covid
    Andrew Wilkinson (Partner, Shakespeare Martineau) & Debra Burton, Partner (Shakespeare Martineau)
  • A7. Making legacy events virtual, viable and vital to your strategy
    Katy Williamson (Regional Legacy Manager Scotland & Northern Ireland, Save the Children UK)- Rosy Dick, (Regional Legacy Manager, Midlands & North, Save The Children UK)
  • A8. Can You Hear Me? Improving and adapting your legacy communications for right now
    Jane Hallahan (Head of Legacies, Age UK) & Tish Ley (National Legacy & In Memory Engagement Manager, Guide Dogs for the Blind)
  • A9. Closing panel session - Is your legacy strategy full of life? Are your donors tired of talking about death?
    Richard Radcliffe (Radcliffe Consulting)

Fundraising Convention - (27-29/09/2021): program of the legacy track

  • B1. Coming Out Of Covid Stronger, developing your digital supporter engagement events offering
    Mark Allwood & Rosanne Dick (Save the Children UK)
  • B2. Reflecting diversity in legacy communications and beyond
    Dr Claire Routley (Legacy Voice) & Dr Hasseeb Shabbir (University of Huddersfield)
  • B3. In-memory fundraising after the pandemic
    Kate Jenkinson (Legacy Futures) & Sue Pedley (Legacy Foresight)
  • B4. Legacies – the BIG questions - 3 questions, 6 speakers and one big discussion
    - Legacy fundraisers from RSPCA, Cancer Research UK, Save the Children, Christian Aid, Great Ormond Street
    - Consultants: Free Style Marketing, Legacy Futures
  • B5. Is short-termism from leaders killing legacy giving and legacy prospect behaviour?
    Richard Radcliffe (Radcliffe Consulting)

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