United Kingdom flagVarious sources confirm that the British fundraising sector is recovering slowly, after several years of crisis.

43% of top 100 fundraising charities saw income decrease in 2017/18
Almost half – 43% – of the top 100 fundraising charities in the UK experienced a drop in income during 2017/18, according to the latest Top 100 Fundraisers Spotlight.
The Charity Financials report, published by The Fundraiser, reveals that overall, voluntary fundraised income to the top 100 charities accounted for one-third of all voluntary donations at £5.9bn., increasing by 0.5% after adjusting for inflation. 
This is followed by £1.24bn from charitable activities and £0.96bn from statutory income.
The top 10 fundraisers collectively raised £2,186.7m.

Legacy gifts providing 25.8% of voluntary fundraised income, with 2017/18 seeing a growth from £7m to £21m.

Source: UK Fundraising (7 June 2019)

GDPR had major impact on regular giving in 2018, but signs positive for 2019, report shows
Rapidata has released its Charity Direct Debit Tracking Report 2019, which reveals that while GDPR had a major impact on regular giving in 2018, initial signs for 2019 show positive growth.
The report includes new data from January 2017 to end of March 2019 from over 600 charities.
It shows that donor acquisition fell during the months before and after the new regulation came into force in May 2018, while Direct Debit cancellations hit an all-time low.
In 2018 the average annual rate for charity Direct Debit cancellations fell to a record low of 2.14%, while each month of the year apart from January exhibited the lowest rates ever recorded for that month across 15 years of tracking data. 
However, donor acquisition volumes for regular giving also fell across 2018: by nearly a third (32%).
This is attributed to significantly less fundraising activity across traditional methods such as direct mail, telephone and face-to-face, while charities focused their resources inhouse on meeting requirements for GDPR compliance.

Source: UK Fundraising (1 July 2019)

Donations declared in tax returns rise to £3.18 billion'
Individuals completing their tax returns for 2017-18 declared charity donations of £3.18 billion, according to HMRC.
12% of people declared a donation: 1,226,000 individuals.
This is a slight increase on the amount declared in the previous tax year but a decrease in the number giving with 2016-17 seeing £3.03bn of donations declared by 1,245,000 individuals.'

Source: UK Fundraising (9 July 2019)

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