RGPD et collecte de fonds (Union Européenne)
GDPR en fondsenwerving in de Europese Unie

GDRP Regulation EU
13/08/2019 - United Kingdom

Civil Society: Charities report 118 data breaches to the ICO in the final quarter of 2018/19

16/07/2019 - United Kingdom
ICO - Information Commissioner's Office: ICO consultation on the draft data sharing code of practice

10/07/2019 - United Kingdom
EFA - New research shows impact of GDPR on fundraising in the UK 

09/07/2019 - United Kingdom
Charity Digital - A quick guide to PECR and charity email campaigns

06/06/2019 - United Kingdom
Civil Society - Fundraising Regulator launches revised Code of Fundraising Practice
Other article on this theme, with details on 'data sharing':
Royaume-Uni: nouveau 'Code of Fundraising Practice'

25/05/2019 - United Kingdom
CAF - Charities Aid Foundation: How to ensure your charity stays compliant

08/05/2019 - France
VerticalSoft: Association et RGPD: collectez-vous bien le consentement de vos membres et adhérents ?

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