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07/04/2020 - Remember A Charity - Rob Cope: 'Why the pandemic stopped legacy income in its tracks'
- Supporters’ legacy gifts are tied up in estates that are unlikely to be processed for months or more.
- Both the property and stock market have suffered major losses
- Of course, the situation is temporary – legacy gifts will be processed 
- Surge in will-writing: recent weeks have seen a massive surge in will-writing, with charities reporting increases of up to 500% in online will-writing enquiries.

17-03-2020 - Legacy Foresight – 'The potential impact of Covid-19 on the legacy market'.
A recent contribution of Chris Farmelo, Technical Director, Legacy Foresight, explains how Covid-19 could impact on legacies in the U.K. via a range of quite separate mechanisms: economic, demographic, etc.

25-02-2020 - Legacy Foresight –  ‘Legacy notifications down in 2019, but income grew
Legacy Foresight is currently updating its legacy market models and  will produce new quantitative forecasts of legacy income over the next five years, including both central and worst case scenarios.
According to the 82 Legacy Monitor consortium members of Legacy Foresight, during the 12 months to December 2019 the total bequest numbers were 9% down while income was up 6.6%.
Some unusually large bequests might have bolstered income growth in early 2019.
The decrease of bequest numbers might be primarily due to the widely reported delays at probate courts.

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