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01/10/2020 - Civil Society - Whistleblowing reports to the Charity Commission up by 33% (link)
'Significantly more volunteers and trustees made a whistleblowing disclosure to the Charity Commission in 2019-20.
(...) The main issues raised in disclosures were governance, safeguarding or financial management concerns.' 

28/09/2020 - Civil Society - Unicef UK launches internal review after chief executive, chair and vice-chair quit (link)

22/09/2019 - Civil Society - NET announces more distributing partners as it stops fundraising for its coronavirus appeal.
'The appeal has raised £93m since its launch in mid-March' (link)

02/09/2020 - Third Sector - Age UK broke fundraising code, regulator rules (link)

26/08/2020 - Civil Society - London nonprofit raises more than £6m in three weeks for Beirut emergency relief (link)

19/08/2020 - Rogare - Clash of donor-centred & community-centric fundraising philosophies explored in new paper (link)
-> Rogare report

07/08/2020 - Civil Society - Charities ‘disappointed’ as London Marathon goes virtual for all but elite runners (link)

03/08/2020 - Third Sector - One in five people have donated to charity recently, YouGov poll reveals (link)

20/07/2020 - Vakblad Fondsenwerving - 100-jarige Tom Moore nu ‘Sir Tom’: geridderd na wandelactie voor corona.
‘Sir Tom’ haalde met zijn actie waarvoor hij honderd rondjes door zijn achtertuin liep een gigantisch bedrag op: 33 miljoen pond. (link)

31/07/2020 - Third Sector - Donor-centric fundraising can reinforce white saviour complex, DEC fundraiser warns (link)

30/07/2020 - DEC (Disaster Emergency Committee) - THE DEC CORONAVIRUS APPEAL REACHES £18 million (link)

19/06/2020 - Third Sector - Charities face £12.4bn income shortfall this year, survey indicates (link)

17/07/2020 - Third Sector - Charities should 'potentially consider consolidating', Red Cross chief says (link)


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